Unlocked specializes in nutrition for strength and power based sports. 


This includes sports where your performance depends mainly on short bursts of high intensity activity such as boxing, football, judo, mixed martial arts, power-lifting, soccer, sprinting/jumping athletics and wrestling. 


If you’re ready to improve your explosiveness, speed, strength and power using nutrition strategies, this program is for you. 


Together we will come up with an individualized plan to get you performing your best, taking into account the season you are in and your current training regimen. 


*Endurance based athletes: If performance in your sport depends primarily on endurance rather than strength and power, it is still encouraged that you apply.  Nutrition is a critical component of these sports as well.  Depending on your competition level and goals, Unlocked can help you find the right coach/consultant for you. 

This option includes:

  • Monthly In-Person, Skype or Phone Meetings

  • Weekly Online Updates and Progress Tracking

  • Customized Nutrition and Exercise Programs

  • Monthly Body Composition Measurements (optional)