A How-To guide for perfectly full and defined muscles at ultra-lean body fat levels. The final touches to getting your muscles to look spot-on for a physique competition or photoshoot.


Nutrition for Gaining Muscle Mass Fast

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  1. A research study which tested the effects of adding 500 calories to the diets of those on a resistance training program found that the extra calories added fat, not muscle.

  2. To gain muscle you need enough prote...

Looking to start an exercise program to lose weight? ...Read this first.

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  1. Research shows little to no relationship between energy expenditure and body fat levels
    (A gigantic study on 34 079 women concluded that, to prevent fat gain with exercise alone, wom...

This study showed 11 lbs of fat lost and 3 lbs of muscle gained in 1 month.  Despite its title, this is NOT just because of high protein and high intensity training.


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  1. A recent study showed that it is possible to lose substantial amounts of fat and...

Have you ever watched a weight loss TV show and thought “if only I knew what these experts were keeping secret behind the curtains so that I could lose weight fast”?

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  1. The Biggest Loser is an excellent example of how not to go about losing weight.

  2. Past pa...

Her Past

Becky came to me with her primary goal of competing in a physique competition in January of 2016.  After many attempts over the past 5 years to lose her last 10 lbs she said she was finally sick of her weight not budging despite having rigorously worked to achi...

(How to get every last drop of benefit from your strength training)


Have you ever wanted more from your workouts?  Do you want to make sure that every rep is counting and not just going to waste by...

(And what you need to do to make it work!)

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  1. Nutrition that is not personalized to YOU and your situation may work in the short term, but likely won’t work long term.

  2. If you’re looking to lose fat, it’s best to consume the greatest number of calories poss...

(Teachings from this diet that you can take away and incorporate into your own fitness plan)

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  1. Many of the gluten free diet programs out there do not just suggest eliminating gluten.

  2. Wheat products are typically quite easy to eat a lot of.  Particularly t...

(What to do instead of adding more and more cardio to lose fat)

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  1. If you hit a plateau in your fat loss, something needs to CHANGE, not necessarily be added.

  2. The body burns less calories as it becomes accustomed to activities. 

  3. If the body needs to,...

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