Pressing Pause on Coaching

Please consider taking this moment to commit yourself to this coaching program without breaks.  


You may find during this program that a vacation comes up, work requires you to travel, illness or injury occurs, etc.  In fact, these may be more typical weeks in our lives than what we think of as a “typical week”, which are often defined as a regular routine without hiccups.


Life continues to happen.  I think it’s normal (even commendable) to want to do your best. To consider taking time to regroup and then resume (or start over) when life feels easier. To go all in to get the best effects.  At the same time, this natural and well-meaning all-or-nothing mentality is one of the fastest, surest, most reliable ways to sabotage your plans for improved nutrition, health, and fitness.


It may feel absurd to try to improve your eating and exercise habits while you’re in the midst of stress.  However, these may be the most important times to stay on track without moving backwards. When we only focus on fitness and nutrition during our “normal” weeks or only for those “30-days-30-lbs-lost” programs, we build the skill of getting fit within a very short (and completely non-representative) period of our life.  In these scenarios, you learn how to get fit under short, weird, tightly-controlled life situations. This is where “yo-yo dieting” stems from. This doesn’t last because this isn’t real life.


What we are looking to do with you is build the ability to meet your goals and keep them under real-life conditions.  We do not want you to only know how to meet your nutrition/fitness/health goals by following a challenging program when the conditions are perfect.  Because whenever life isn’t perfect, it’s going to be tempting to reach for the pause button and wait for a better time.


As you can tell, this is obviously a common roadblock and it is one of the most likely ways to losing the health and fitness you worked so hard for.  This does not mean that you cannot choose to pause your coaching, but I encourage you not to fall victim of lacking skills for what real life is (unexpected stressors, vacations, social events, work demands, etc.).  Choose to develop your nutrition strategies and find what works for you during times that leave others stagnant and caught in the yo-yo.


The point is to keep going. Sometimes awkwardly, sometimes incompetently, sometimes downright half-assed. But to keep going nonetheless.  We’re here to help with this. You’ve already come up with tasks based on what you feel confident you can do in a typical week. We may need to adjust your targets or come up with completely new tasks that you feel confident during these times.  We’re looking for what is realistic within the realm of that particular situation.  We’re building skills around fitness and nutrition for real life and the many curve balls it throws at us.


If you ask to hit pause on your coaching, we’re going to direct you back to this article.  If you still decide to move forward with pausing, please be aware that you have a maximum of 24 weeks that you can do so.  However, instead of this, I want you to consider staying on some sort of plan with us and to set realistic standards for you to hit.  Even if you do not have access to your spreadsheet, we are open to having communication through other means, including phone, text messages, email, Skype, Google Hangouts, Whatsapp, Facetime among others.  Let us know what works best for you and let’s take this as an opportunity to build your nutrition skills toolbox for real life.