Fitlosophy Podcast: Protein, Intermittent Fasting, and Exercise

Unlocked's head coach, Eric Williamson, was a featured guest on the Fitlosophy podcast with host Aileen Zaraineh. Listen to it below!

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"Our bodies require some oxidation, we require some inflammation, if we didn't have any, we wouldn't recover from injuries," says registered dietitian Eric Williamson. He explains why we should avoid dichotomous thinking when it comes to what we eat, and instead focus on creating consistent routines, “foods are not good or bad, they're on a spectrum, we need to consider the situation, we need to consider the person.” In his coaching practice (called Unlocked Fitness and Nutrition), Williamson primarily sees people for fat loss, muscle building and sports performance. Listen to hear our conversation on fad diets, The Game Changers debate, and how we can all better grapple with healthy lifestyle choices. (For more, visit the Fitlosophy Podcast hub.)