Track record

 Eric Williamson is the founder and head coach of Unlocked Fitness and Nutrition. Below are a selection of Eric and Unlocked’s achievements.
Gatorade Sport Science Institute and The American College of Sports Medicine Young Investigator Award

Recognized for contributions to the field of sports nutrition as a junior scientist

  • PhD – Current – University of Toronto

  • MSc Exercise Nutrition and Metabolism - University of Toronto

  • ​H.BSc Specialization in Nutrition & Dietetics - Western University

  • BA Kinesiology - Western University (Gold medal for highest academic graduating average)

  • Certified Specialist in Strength and Conditioning

  • International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry Level 1 Certification

  • Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certification

  • Athletics Canada Olympic Track and Field Team

  • Western University Exercise Nutrition Symposium

  • City of Toronto Firefighters

  • canfitpro Toronto Summit

  • Ontario Society for Health and Fitness

  • Goldring Centre for High-Performance Sport

  • The OHL’s Oshawa Generals

  • The University of Toronto’s Men’s Varsity Basketball team

  • Hannah McKeand’s Ultra-endurance Polar Expedition Training Company

  • HealthOne Medical and Wellness Centre

  • Hynes Performance Powerlifting and Strength Coaching



  • Protein Intake to Maximize Whole-Body Anabolism during Postexercise Recovery in Resistance-Trained Men with High Habitual Intakes is Severalfold Greater than the Current Recommended Dietary Allowance. J Nutr (2019).

  • Low-Carbohydrate Training Increases Protein Requirements of Endurance Athletes. Med Sci Sports Exerc (2019).

  • Protein to Maximize Whole-Body Anabolism in Resistance-trained Females after Exercise. Med Sci Sports Exerc (2019).

  • The Effect of Dietary Protein on Protein Metabolism and Performance in Endurance-trained Males. Med Sci Sports Exerc (2019).

  • Whey Protein Supplementation Enhances Whole Body Protein Metabolism and Recovery of Performance after Resistance Exercise: A Double-blind Crossover Study. The FASEB Journal (2017).

  • Nutritional implications for ultra-endurance walking and running events. Extrem Physiol Med (2016).​

  • Engineering physiology' to understand the post-exercise biochemical milieu: mixing it up with anabolic hormones. J Physiol (2016).

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