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Nutrition coaching as unique as you

Kickstart your health journey and get long-term results. Team up with our expert sports nutritionists and registered dietitians today.


A custom, flexible nutrition program made for you
(and no one else).

Your job, family, mindset, hobbies, cultural practices, time restraints and physiology—everything about you—paints a total health picture. To reach your goal, it all needs to be considered in your roadmap. That's why we look at each aspect of your life when we create your customized plan.

Fat loss

Control and sustain

Muscle Building

Strengthen and sculpt


Recover and evolve


Balance and optimize

12 weeks of science-backed methods, mixed with continuous support and accountability. Followed up with an easy-to-adopt, personalized, and completely flexible nutrition plan. 

Science-based nutrition advice

Unlocked uses a unique combo of progress tracking tools, best practices (honed over hundreds of clients) and the latest findings in nutrition and exercise science. We do our homework and test our strategies.

“You” advocates

Our focus is 100% on you. We meet online every week to accelerate your progress. Got a question? No problem! Text, email or book a phone call anytime. We're available when you need us.

Education for long term results

Fast-track your results with one-on-one lessons and weekly content. Plus, make long-lasting progress thanks to the knowledge and skills you've gained.

Judgement-free support

Celebrate the journey and the destination. Whatever your unique blend of life looks like, we're all human. We know it's hard asking for help but we're here for you. We'll support, guide and encourage you from start to finish.


Our proven recipe is simple


You can claim your coaching with us!

We're licensed to practice and that means you can claim your program with us. Most Canadian health insurance plans cover $500 or more towards dietetic and nutrition services. We'll give you a receipt for reimbursement now and tax deduction later. Ask your provider about your coverage.

Real people, real stories

You’re closer than you think to your goals. Our clients have met and sustained theirs—you can too.


12 weeks to level up your fitness

Our goal is to make achieving yours as easy as possible. Over 12 weeks, we'll reach your fitness and nutrition goals, and then maintain long-term success.

Weekly feedback, goal-setting, and progress tracking

Educational content to transform you into an expert on your body's nutritional needs

Easy-to-adopt, flexible nutrition plans that take your lifestyle, culture, and busy days into consideration

Get crystal clear on what a realistic and measurable goal looks like for you with the accountability to achieve it

Open and friendly access to your coach, your way

We're on your team. On the go and got a question? Email, text, or set up a call with us. We're here to talk—anytime. Life isn't rigid and neither is our communication.


Meet the Unlocked Program Hub

Easy-to-use tools that power success

With close progress tracking, you're never alone with your goals. We've built a collaboration platform to ensure quick wins and long-term sustainability.


First, we'll design your plan one-on-one


You fill out the details about your lifestyle at your own pace


Each week, you'll set goals, learn new techniques, and reflect on your progress and achievements

We review your progress and leave actionable notes and encouragements for you to take into the following week 

Before Unlocked’s coaching, I would fall off track with other diets and programs and would not know how to get back on. My weight has gone down and my waistline even more so. I now have hunger and cravings under control and my confidence has increased in all areas of my life.
My body and my life just feel “lighter”.


Flight Attendant, Montreal, ON.

Family, friends, and an avid social life

A plan made for you

Unlock your goals with no-judgment, professional coaching that meets you where you are, and is completely customized to YOU and your lifestyle. 

Jumpstart with a flexible, and easy-to-follow nutrition plan that’s built seamlessly into your life

Access to a knowledgeable nutrition professional anytime

Stay on track with easy to use online collaboration tools, weekly assessments, and goal-setting

Learn about your unique physiology with science-backed educational content and advice

Personalized coaching

Starting at



Team coaching

Contact for Pricing

Nutrition training for teams and organizations

FREE Kickstart video call 

See if coaching is right for you, and chat your goals in this FREE call with our team 

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