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The Dr. Greg Wells podcast: Eric Williamson on the latest in nutrition science

Unlocked's head coach, Eric Williamson, was a featured guest on the Dr. Greg Wells podcast. Listen to it below!

The Dr. Greg Wells Podcast is your guide to a high-performance life. As a scientist and physiologist, Greg’s gift is to translate science into actionable and effective life tips. Using the latest research on the brain and body, Greg and his guests provide simple but transformative strategies to boost your mental and physical health, advance your career and upgrade your life. Listen here, and subscribe to The Dr. Greg Wells Podcast on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.


"Hello! It's great to be with you. Today, I interview Eric Williamson, a grad student at the University of Toronto who conducts research as part of my team. He's just a fantastic human being who is already making a significant contribution to our understanding of nutrition’s impact on performance. Eric is a registered dietitian who has completed his Master's degree and is currently pursuing a PhD. In our conversation, he breaks down a lot of the common questions people ask me around nutrition. Specifically, we dive into protein and weight loss, which are two issues I know many people ask about. Ultimately, we just end up talking about healthy eating and approaches to improving nutrient intake in your overall diet, which is ultimately what I believe healthy nutrition is all about. So here we go – a deep dive into nutrition science. Please enjoy my conversation with my friend and colleague, ERIC WILLIAMSON."


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