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Why fad diets end up working

Useful teachings using gluten-free diets as an example



1. Overview

2. The basics of the GF diet

3. What about the wheat?

4. Learnings

5. References

The gist

  1. Many of the gluten-free diet programs out there do not just suggest eliminating gluten.

  2. Wheat products are typically quite easy to eat a lot of. Particularly those that are refined, low in fiber and/or low in water content.

  3. Wheat has become the world’s most popular vehicle for processed "junk" food.

  4. Going gluten free can eliminate calories and increase nutrients in your diet, which can inadvertently lead to weight loss.

  5. Gluten-free can be an easy program to understand (which is a key when it comes to successful fat loss plans) because it's straight forward and there is no wishy-washy ‘sometimes’ or ‘moderation’.

  6. Balance and moderation specifically for you and your goals can be tough to find, but the pay off can last a lifetime.

This is not going to be another article on why this ‘fad diet’ is not scientifically (or logically) sound.

There are too many good articles out there on this. If you haven’t read them, here are a few:

Here’s a funny video just for kicks: