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Top nutrition and exercise tips to transform your body composition

This study showed 11 lbs of fat lost and 3 lbs of muscle gained in 1 month. Despite its title, this is NOT just because of high protein and high-intensity training.

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1. Overview

2. But what about?

3. How they did it: The synergistic effect

4. Should you try this program?

5. Learnings

6. References

The gist

  1. This study showed that it is possible to lose substantial amounts of fat and gain muscle in a massive calorie deficit.

  2. The phenomenon of “muscle memory” was likely a contributing factor, however, the results are still astonishing and cannot be attributed to this concept alone.

  3. The researchers stacked the deck in favor of both muscle gain and fat loss incorporating some of the most advanced strategies known today: HIT, strength training, proper exercise programming, choosing low fat rather than low carb, controlling NEAT and optimal protein timing, quality, and dosage.

  4. The caloric deficit would likely be too large and too difficult for the average individual to maintain. There is also a risk of high levels of hunger and metabolic compensation after the exercise program and diet end, which could lead to regaining more than what you started with.

  5. Although the program used in this study may not be suitable for many, the positive effect of combining the right techniques should not be overlooked.

  6. This adds to the evidence that even advanced weight lifters can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time.

A study [1] from Dr. Stu Phillips' lab by Thomas Longland and colleagues at McMaster University showed that if you add up small advanced strategies and do them consistently you can achieve outstanding results.

Study title: Higher compared with lower dietary protein consumed during an energy deficit, and combined with intense exercise, promotes greater lean mass gain and fat mass loss. —a randomized trial

This study showed that by doing high-intensity training coupled with a high protein diet, you could gain significant muscle and strength while in a (massive) 40% calorie deficit.